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Care Guide

Collars, Leads & Bow Ties

Our collars and leads are made from sturdy polyester and woven fabrics and are double stitched for strength. They are made to withstand the rough and tumble of normal dog life.  Items will get wet or dirty as part of normal doggy activities. However, to maintain your dog wear in premium condition we recommend the following:

  1. Do not machine wash any Puppy & Hound collars, leads or bow ties.
  2. Lightly sponge or gently hand wash any marks or stains with cold or lukewarm water only.
  3. Do not rub or scrub the fabric or use bleaches or abrasives on the fabric or hardware.
  4. Clean the metal hardware with a soft cloth.
  5. Rinse off saltwater and dry to avoid tarnishing of the hardware.
  6. Always dry wet items in the fresh air. Do not use a drying machine.

Pet Mats

Our pet mats are individually handmade by Puppy & Hound. We recommend the following steps to maintain your pet mat in premium condition:

  1. Gentle machine wash in cold water.
  2. Mats can also be lightly sponged to remove marks with cold or lukewarm water only.
  3. Do not use bleaches on the fabric.
  4. Do not tumble dry as this may displace the internal padding.